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  • 24/01/2021 12:36 local time


In a modern, sophisticated and elegant environment, fits the Vogue Café Porto - the most chic space in the city.

With this opening, Vogue adds yet another elegant and cosmopolitan space to its Vogue Café collection in cities such as Dubai, Moscow and Bangkok.

Vogue Café Porto is the ideal place to indulge your appetite with full or light meals, at any time of the day, or simply have a coffee, while leafing through the latest issue of the magazine in the inner courtyard or next to the bar, in a cosmopolitan and chilled out.


Vogue Café Porto, Avis Street, Porto, Portugal

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    Sautéed gnocchi with asparagus, tomato and thyme 8€

    Cooked egg a baixa temperature, broad beans and crispy chorizo 8€
    Lamb Dim Sum with soy sauce and citrus 9€
    Tandoori veal tartar, cured egg yolk and papadums 11€
    Selection of national cheeses and sausages 12€
    Salmon Poke Bowl 11€
    Hot spicy
    Cod cocktails with mushrooms and meat sauce 12€
    Caramelized scallops, Granny Smith apple, lime and coriander 13€



    Green broth with Lamego chorizo 5€
    Cream of wild mushrooms 5€



    Quinoa salad, peanut butter, tomato and grilled chicken 11€
    Endive salad, chickpeas, cucumber, red onion, pecan nut, and feta cheese 11€
    Caesar Salad 11€
    Leaf salad with corn, arugula, avocado, fresh figs and sautéed shrimp 13€



    Pig belly belly, caramelized red onion and hot sauce 10€
    Hot spicy
    Beef burger, cheddar cheese, bacon, paprika aioli and crispy onion 11€
    Pasta with truffled wild mushrooms and chives 13€
    Sautéed vegetables and seitan in wok with teriyaki sauce 12€
    Vegetable couscous with sage sauce 12€


    Main Dishes

    Monkfish fillet with quinoa, cauliflower, crustacean sauce and coconut 18€
    Cod cured with Brandade and coriander 19€
    Grilled salmon with leek, lime and saffron risotto 19€
    Sea bass with smoked celery puree, chives and lentils 22€
    Chicken with noodles, sautéed vegetables and peanuts 17€
    Crispy suckling pig belly with spinach and glazed potato 18€
    Duck Magret with roasted chestnuts, mushrooms and vegetables 20€
    Rack of lamb with asparagus barley 21€



    Avocado, Chocolate and Coffee 7€
    Chocolate, hazelnut and tonka bean 7€
    Strawberry and vanilla Charlotte 7€
    Peanut Butter Cheesecake 7€
    Crème brûlée of curd, fig and port wine 7€
    Pear, salted caramel and pecan nut 7€

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