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  • 24/01/2021 12:20 local time


By making a fusion of ancient and contemporary gastronomy, the Raiz restaurant has been innovating and surprising: the objectives that underlie the irreverent concept and that highlight this space.

The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed.


Restaurant Raiz, Largo dos Lóios, Porto, Portugal

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    Assorted Breads, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Spread 1,6€

    Bread basket 1,4€


    Cheese & Sausage Board (minimum 2 people) 12€

    Serra Mousse Cheese and Ham Board (minimum 2 people) 10€

    Codfish Pataniscas 4,2€

    Thumbtack of Rojões 5,8€

    Woodpecker 6,8€

    Ham & Caramelized Onion Tiborna 6,8€

    Fresh Sausage Tiborna, sausage and egg on horseback 6,2€

    Salmon and lime Tiborna with herbs 6,8€

    Snacking RaizAlheira in the Oven with Quail Eggs and Portuguese Kale 6,8€

    Breaded Brie Cheese w / Almonds and Raspberry Jam 7,2€

    Scallop Gratin 7,5€

    Octopus Ceviche 7,5€

    Shrimp açorda with lime 8,2€

    Octopus Salad w / Truffle Oil 9,2€

    Caramelized Chevre with Port Wine and Macerated Apple 6,8€

    Turkey Nuggets with Sweet Chilli | Pineapple mustard | Chutney Manga 6,2€

    Vegetarian Root Asparagus with Ham (optional) & Port Wine Reduction 7,2€

    Stuffed Portobelos w / Ratatuille and Parmesan 6,8€

    Vegetarian Burgers with Caramelized Onion 6,8€

    Bowl of Mushrooms with Herb Butter 6,5€

    Mushroom açorda 7,8€

    XNUMX tbsp freshly ground black pepper 3,2€

    Vegetables sautéed in garlic 3,2€

    Potato in the Oven to the Chef 4€

    Mediterranean salad with yogurt dressing 5,4€

    Main dishesBaked cod with bread and honey 17,5€ (served with mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables)

    Cod with almond crust and pickle mayonnaise 17,5€ (accompanied with caramelized onion branding and sautéed vegetables)

    Old fashioned oven octopus 21,5€ (served with sautéed potatoes and sautéed vegetables)

    Carré of Lamb w / Basil Crust 19€ (served with baked potatoes and sautéed vegetables)

    Black pork kebab flavored with laurel and rosemary 17,5€ (served with a potato in the oven with the chef and sautéed vegetables)

    Veal loaf with cheese and chive fusion 17,5€ (served in a bed of vegetables and baked potatoes)


    Chocolate Cake in Casserole 4,8€ (served with caramel mousse)

    Sweet Potato Pudding 4,2€ (accompanied with tangerine ice cream)

    Peanut foam w / banana jam 4,2€

    Tiramisu of red fruits & port wine 4,2€

    Cheese board, nuts 6€

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