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Located in an old “patio” of an XNUMXth century manor house - Casa dos Constantinos - Páteo das Flores is a wine bar that aims to provide visitors with moments of quality break.

With an offer that highlights national wines, it is possible to find in the Páteo das Flores list about 100 references of wines rated among the best in the world. Served by the glass or in the bottle, these wines can also be tasted in the company of some snacks that, once again, favor Portuguese flavors.

In addition to its offer and service, the space is distinguished by its sophisticated atmosphere and the decoration that integrates elements of classic inspiration and details of modernity, including an exclusive mural of urban art with 10 meters high.

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Páteo das Flores, Rua das Flores, Porto, Portugal

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Páteo Couvert 5 €
Our selection of Breads, Caponatas & Pickles in DOP Olive Oil

Seasonal Soup 3 €
Fresh & seasonal vegetable cream

Shrimp Salad 12 €
Delicious mixture of fresh lettuce, accompanied with Shrimp, lightly seasoned in Mustard & Honey vinaigrette, decorated with Orange, Almonds and Green Mango

Flower Salad 10 €
Magnificent combination of fresh & seasonal vegetables

You are here: Home '' Products '' 9 €
Cuttlefish confit with Garlic and Aromatic Herbs, served with Lima Mayonnaise and Pepper Coulis

Sweet Potato Chips 4 €
Sweet potato cut into slices accompanied with Aromatic Lima Mayonnaise

Kimchi Shrimp 12 €
Fresh Shrimp marinade in Kimchi breaded in Panko, accompanied by Garlic Mayonnaise, Lime & Aromatic Herbs

Crunchy Alheira Spheres 8 €
Crunchy sausage balls filled with Cured Cow Cheese, accompanied with Purple Sauerkraut, Sweet & Sour Sauce

Piquillo Peppers - Vegetarian Option, Gluten Free 8 €
Delicious Red Peppers stuffed with Esparregado, served with white Asparagus Yolks

Ceviche 12 €
Fresh Salmon Ceviche wrapped in Pico-de-Gallo, accompanied with Coulis de Pimentos and Mango Verde

Salmon Thousand Leaves 9,5 €
Crunchy Grain Puree and Gravlax from Three Peppers and Aromatic Herbs

Dueto 22 €
Marble with assortment of Cheese and Sausages: Manchego, Serra and Vado Curado, with Truffle Salami, Parma Ham and Salpicão

Tuna Taxi 11,5 €
Tuna wrapped in Sesame Seeds, served on a bed of Pico-de-Gallo and Guacamole, flavored with Teriyaki Sauce

Francesinha in puff pastry 11 €
Rump Steak, Sausage, Fresh Sausage and Cheese Wrapped in Puff Pastry, Accompanied with Spiral French Fries and Homemade Francesinha Sauce


Braised Sea Bass 19 €
Braised Sea Bass in the company of Puree of Sweet Potato and Carrot, with grilled Green Asparagus and Teriyaki Sauce and Sauteed Vegetables

Scaled Sea Bass for 2/3 People 45 €
Sea bass confit with tomato and potato, served with sautéed vegetables

Octopus to "Lagareiro" Style 21 €
Fresh octopus cooked in DOP olive oil, accompanied with Pudding Potato and Pepper Onion, on a bed of Esparregado and fresh tomato confit

Codfish in Páteo 20 €
Delicious Oven-baked Codfish, with Pepper Onions, topped with Garlic Mayonnaise, in the company of Chickpea and Esparregado Puree


Tornedó Chorizo ​​Chimichurri - Typical Prato Steakhouse 18 €
Grilled succulent veal tourniquet with spicy Chimizo Chorizo ​​Sauce, accompanied with Puffed and Spread Potatoes

Rump for 2/3 people 55 €
620gr of Laminated Rump, served with Roasted Potatoes & Garlic Mayonnaise, Salad and Sauteed Vegetables, accompanied by a Portobello Mushroom stuffed with Serra Cheese and Port Wine Reduction

Veal Cheek 19 €
Veal cheek confit, combined with creamy mashed potatoes and carrots, complemented with sauteed asparagus and shitake mushrooms, perfumed with truffle oil

Noble Picanha 21 €
Noble Picanha in laminated cut, accompanied with Black Beans, Smoked Bacon Farofa and Green Mango Vinaigrette


Spaghetti with Juliana de Legumes - Gluten Free 14 €
Spaghetti served with sautéed vegetables Juliana in Soybean Oil. Mushroom Risotto 18 €
Combination of Wild Mushrooms, Shitake, Shimeji and Portobello, complemented by Black Truffle, Dried Tomatoes, Fresh Spinach and Parmesan Chips


Chicken Panadinhos 14 €
Chicken breasts breaded in corn flour, accompanied with gluten-free spaghetti

Grouper Fillets 15 €
Grouper Crunchy, accompanied with White Rice and Sweet Potato Chips


7 Sins 7 €
A delicious explosion of textures and flavors: 7 Churros, Chocolate Ganache, Vanilla Macadamia Ice Cream and Red Fruit Coulis

Sweet Flowers 7 €
Tasty combination of Red Fruits, Strawberries, Meringue and a Land of Mint Chocolate, decorated with Pansies and Princess Earrings

Two Chocolate Brownie & Flor de Sal 7 €
Combination of Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate with a touch of Flor de Sal, garnished with fresh red fruits and sighs

Pavlova 7 €
Merengado Cream, Passion Fruit Coulis Duo and Red Fruits, accompanied with Raspberry Ice Cream

Fruit Vase 6 €
Fresh and seasonal fruits

Serra Cheese, Figs & Port Wine 14,5 €
Perfect combination of Queijo da Serra with figs in syrup, roasted almonds and LBV Port Wine Goblet

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