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  • 24/01/2021 6:30 local time


In a neo-Arab building located in the baixa do Porto, Flow Restaurant Bar stands out in the Portuguese restaurant scene.

Even today, Flow maintains characteristics that mirror the Arab heritage, namely the majestic arcades, the balusters, the pillars and the exterior tiles.

All of these aspects add to the exceptionality of the Flow Restaurant Bar and its versatile aspect: capable of receiving sophistication and classicism, but in a timeless way.


Flow Restaurant & Bar, Rua da Conceição, Porto, Portugal

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    Couvert per person 2,5€

    Starters and Salads

    Italian antipasto "Flow" 25€

    Selection of 5 delicatessens, burratin, chipoline, tomato, focaccia (3/4 Pax)

    Heated slate of black pata ham, bread with tomato and picual oil 20 €

    80grSteaked beef tenderloin steak, acidulated seasonings and egg yolk 12€

    100grCarpaccio of veal, caper vinaigrette, arugula and parmigiano reggiano doc 8€

    Tuna loin ceviche in citrus and aromatics, sesame, corn and heart of palm puree 12€

    White fish ceviche in citrus and aromatics with guacamole 12€

    Portobello mushroom, grain hummus, tofu, vegetables, romesco sauce 10€

    Pata negra ham croquetas, tomato pesto 6€

    4 UnitsGrilled asparagus with romesco sauce 10€

    Hunting sausage mini-burguers, sun-dried tomato pesto, watercress, truffled mortadella and quail egg 10€

    2 UnitsTruffled eggs, flour and crispy rice fritters 12€

    Poké bowl of tofu marinated in oriental flavors 12€

    Camembert cheese in the oven in a toasted bread box, eryngui mushrooms and coppa di parma 19€

    2/3 PaxRed Sea Bass 13€

    Wakame seaweed salad, tobiko, ponzu sauce and lime glaze Baby caprese salad, cherry tomatoes, mini mozzarella, balsamic reduction, pine nuts and pesto 10€

    Smoked duck salad, crisp shavings, endives, kumquat, cashews and soy and honey vinaigrette 16€

    Smoked salmon salad, asparagus, quail egg, capers, curd and vinaigrette 16€

    Salad of greens and vegetables, mixture of lettuces, tomatoes, carrots, onions, olives and grilled vegetables 7€

    Fish and seafood soup with squid, shrimp, clams, white fish, conchiglie and coriander 9€

    "Porto" cheese board 22€

    Selection of 7 cheeses, jam, dried and baked fruitsTerrine de was gras in toasted brioche, cranberry jam, salt and black pepper 12€

    Scallops with quail egg, cream of cauliflower truffled with chives, black roe, mini eryngui 13€

    Folders and Risottos

    Potato gnochi, monkfish curry, prawns and vegetables 18€

    Orchiette, solitary tomato, broccoli, basil, burratina and granulated almonds 17€

    Veal cheek ravioli, shimeji mushrooms, port wine, parmesan mousse and balsamic aceto 17€

    Roasted pumpkin risotto, bresaola, pleutorus, courgette and toasted bread 17€

    Risotto of beetroot stilton cheese, endives and macadamias 17€

    Cuttlefish risotto in two textures and seaweed 18€

    Porcini and wild mushrooms risotto, truffled paste, rosemary and hazelnuts 17€

    Fish and Shellfish

    Braised cod, hummus, cabbage tempura with breadcrumbs, bacon and fresh cheese 22€

    Squid, prawns, octopus and shellfish casserole and seaweed 24€

    Tiger prawns, vegetable gyosa, curry sauce, fruit chutney, cuscus 29€

    Fillet of sea bass and green asparagus risotto, champagne sauce and saffron 22€

    Turbot, mashed flower, tobico roe, chives, old mustard sauce 22€

    Tuna tuna colored in sesame crust, soy sprouts, rice tempura and ponzu sauce 20€

    Chicken and Meat

    Grilled veal chop, spicy potatoes and grilled vegetables 68€

    1Kg (With bone) - 2/3 PaxEntrecôte black angus grilled, spicy potatoes and grilled vegetables 24€

    250grFillet wellington, duxelle mushrooms, foie gras, portobello, esparregado, basmati rice 46€

    2 PaxMagret of duck, potato foam, spinach, almond, port wine sauce 19€

    Ossobuco. shampoo cooked to baixa temperature, saffron risotto and gremolata sauce 19€

    Chicken breast in seed crust, grilled cabbage, corn polenta and mushrooms, mustard sauce and honey 17€

    Iberian pork tusks, fondant and chestnut crumble, ratatouille, gremolata and reduction of touriga nacional 19€

    Grilled veal tourned, spicy potato grilled vegetables - 180gr 22€


    Chocolate and hazelnut textures 7€

    "Toucinho do Céu" and port wine ice cream 7€

    Green apple, lime and basil pie 7€

    Pumpkin mi-cuit with ricotta mousse 7€

    Peanut cheesecake and salted caramel 7€

    Black chocolate mousse 7€

    Fruit plate 7€

    Ice cream ball 3€

    "Douro" Cheese Board 16€

    Selection of 5 cheeses, jam, dried and baked fruits "Porto" 22€

    Selection of 7 cheeses, jam, dried fruits and breadsCheese 100grBurratina 9€

    Mozzarella di búfala7 € Stilton11 € Asiago5 € Pecorino6 € Parmigiano reggiano 7€

    Manchego 6€

    Serra cheese 7€

    Sao Jorge 5€

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