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  • 18/01/2021 16:49 local time


A new approach in an old palace in the most central location of Porto.

Enjoy a glass of wine, enjoy a hint of history and enter a bourgeois and relaxed atmosphere.

The name goes back to the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias and invites you to stimulate your senses and imagination. Find a New World as you walk through our door ...


Bartolomeu Bistro & Wine, Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira, Porto, Portugal

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    Flavored bread, butter and olive oil 3€
    Tapenade 3€
    Olives 2€
    Humus 6€
    Pate campagne 7€
    Portuguese sausages 14€
    Portuguese cheeses 15€
    Mixed board 16€
    Green salad 4€

    Toast with goat cheese and pistachios 9,5€
    Smoked salmon toast and creme fraiche 9€
    Ham, olive and cheese toast from the island 8€

    Carrot cream 6€
    Mushroom, barley and spinach salad 9€
    Carob crepes 8€
    Tuna ceviche 11€
    Calf tartar 11€
    Mackerel cured on onion 9€
    Egg a baixa onion nest temperature 8€
    Cheese fondue and spicy sausage 9€
    Sweet potato salad 7,5€
    Cod with Migas 15€
    Pork cheek with red wine sauce and sweet potato puree 13€

    Cardamom and passion fruit 4,5€
    Apple crumble 4,5€
    Chocolate, caramel and peanuts 5€
    Ice cream and sorbets 4€
    Fruit 3€

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