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The Barão Fladgate restaurant offers you a fantastic location and a unique setting in the Port Wine cellars with a magnificent view over the Douro River and the historic center of Porto.

It offers a contemporary interpretation of traditional cuisine with an emphasis on the use of fresh local ingredients, a showcase of the authentic flavors of Portugal.

The wine list offers a wide variety of references from the main Portuguese wine regions and, as you would expect, a wide choice of Port Wine, from appetizers to aged tawnies and the most expressive Vintages.

In summer, Baron Fladgate has a terrace available, where customers can enjoy a variety of light dishes, while enjoying the spectacular view over the old city.

Its name comes from John Fladgate, the famous Port Wine exporter and Taylor's partner in the XNUMXth century, having been distinguished with the title of Baron for his innovative work in viticulture.

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Barão Fladgate, Rua do Choupelo, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

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Velvety 12 €
Velvety of wild mushrooms with island cheese, apple, hazelnuts, baby chard, death trumpets and thyme

Foie gras 18 €
Escalope de Foie gras, fig in Port wine and macerated fruit, toasted Douro almond and Bourbon vanilla brioche, Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage Port and vanilla and almond emulsion

Egg a Baixa Temperature 10 €
63 degree egg with hollandaise sauce, black tartufo, serrano ham, asparagus and warm potato foam

Terrine 14 €
Terrine of smoked pork meats, butter bean foam, couscous, sausages, pickled carrots and velvety cooking

Royal Crab and Scallops 24 €
Royal Crab, scallops with creamy topinambur and crustacean emulsion, baby asparagus and cuttlefish ink coral chips, a thousand leaves of sea salad and dill

Pear salad 10 €
Rock pear, Algarve orange and blueberries salad, warm piglet chips and crackling in blood orange vinaigrette


Fish 20 €
Fish from the auction with glazed vegetables, sautéed potatoes, carrots, butter sauce and sage

Snook fish 26 €
Sea bass in creamy cauliflower, melgaço sparkling emulsion, salmon trout roe, sea lettuce and marinated mussel

Codfish 22 €
Cod at 55 degrees and sames, pork bacon Bísaro, pea cream, prawns, bread of Avintes, tatsoi, hand terrine of Maronesa cow and cod foie mousse

Octopus 26 €
Octopus in the oven, cuttlefish ink risotto, squid stuffed with traditional black pork sausage, kale cabbage, baby peppers roasted with olive tapenade, cabbage with low temperature roe

Nailed 22 €
Turbot with dark chocolate sauce and orange blossom, smoked white asparagus cream and chard, sea urchin, tuna tartar with sesame and codium and chives in Indian saffron


Lamb 26 €
72 degree lamb with seed crust, eryngii, savory, chestnut textures, potatoes, hot corn, roasted courgette, boletus emulsion and black garlic

Calf 28 €
Veal with foie escalope, roasted celery puree, grilled Brussels sprouts, leek and broccoli sprouts with Taylor's Port wine sauce and green pepper

Black pig 22 €
Black pork cachaço with fennel, toasted pine nut, slices of black pork paiola, beet melon, green asparagus, roasted baby squash, grilled green onions with orange sauce and cardamom

Country Chicken 20 €
Country chicken with black tartufo, Reineta apple, crispy pistachio, quail egg with truffled yolk, white asparagus, baby chives and courgette

Stag 27 €
Venison loin with wild fruits, turnips, radish, organic carrots, creamy purple sweet potatoes and citrus, strawberry risotto and Provolone with aged balsamic


Curry 20 €
Vegetable curry with Thai rice and lime

Fresh pasta 16 €
Pappardelle of brown mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, black tartufo and parmesan

Feijoada 18 €
Organic vegetable feijoada, chard, soy chorizo ​​with basmati rice and fresh herbs

Children's menu

Vanilla 5 €
Organic vegetable cream

Fish 10 €
Corvina, tagliatelle and tomato sauce

Meat 10 €
Grilled chicken steak with salad, traditional potatoes and rice

Dessert 5 €
Gum ice cream and gum and pineapple

Fruit 5 €
Laminated fruit


Peach 10 €
Peach in textures, chocolate, red fruits, Amaretto and elderberry

Chocolate 10 €
Taylor's chocolate, toffee, almond, Port wine gel and red fruits

Tropical 10 €
Coconut, pineapple, tropical fruits, toasted cashew and aged rum, coconut ice cream and piña colada ice cream

Cheesecake 12 €
Banana cheesecake, caramelized pecan nut, 10 year old Tawny port reduction with salted caramel sauce and ice cream

Fruit 8 €
Selection of laminated fruit

Cheeses 14 €
Cart of national cheeses, jam and toasts

Taylor's Menu


Scallops over pear Creamy rock, roasted pumpkin, orange, mini chard, toasted Douro almond and curry sauce, garnished with arugula

Port Wine: Taylor's Chip Dry Tonic


Veal, purple sweet potato, pink pepper lapel, chives in Port wine, baby carrots on truffled peas and trumpets of death

Port Wine: Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage 2014 (6cl)

Creme Brulee

Caramel crème Brûlée over dried fruit crumble, caramelized popcorn and currants, raspberry ice cream
Port Wine: Taylor's 10 years Old Tawny (6cl)

Couvert | Entry | Main course | Dessert | Wines included in the menu 54 €

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