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On the webook® Porto platform there are two types of establishments or featured events: those selected by our curatorial team, marked as "recommended", and those sponsored by promoters or users, identified as "promoted".

They are additionally evident among everyone in specific listings of entities and events, as they are marked at the top of each listing, with precedence over the others. The duration of the "promotions" is defined by you.

Online Advertising

Promote your business or event


The traditional solution with proven results: ads that direct to your page, properly adapted to your monitor or smartphone.


Be the center of attention! It is a “super ad” with insertion at the top of the site. It opens before the content of interest to the user, it is expandable, automatically opening and closing in a predefined time interval. It also takes you to the page you define.

Sticky footer

An efficient way to conquer your target. It is an ad inserted in the footer of the site, with width adjustable to the dimensions of the monitor or smartphone and which also directs to your page.


It appears in a programmed way before the content (immediately after entering the page or a few seconds later) or when leaving the page.


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Expand your business on the Marketplace webook through Online Reservations or the sale of products, services or tickets. Offer vouchers, subscriptions or discounts to further boost your business, all on the same platform.

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We publicize the best of the Porto district, which means that our followers are also your potential customers.


We seek to associate ourselves with brands that are reflected in our ambition, the market leadership.

That share our values: independence, creativity, responsibility and innovation. Who want to contribute to a more informed, fair and curious society.



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