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All the contents of belong to the webook and are protected under general terms of law and by national and international legislation for the protection of intellectual property, copyright and other related rights, as well as by the law on computer crime.

Copying, altering, reproducing, publishing, disseminating, transmitting or distributing any and all content on the site is prohibited, unless authorized by the respective authors. However, the right to quote is authorized by law, as long as the origin of the content is clearly identified.

The webook reserves the right to take legal action against the authors of any unauthorized copying, reproduction, dissemination, commercial exploitation or any other improper use of the website content, rejecting any responsibility for any misuse of the website by third parties.

The Privacy Policy, together with the User and Merchant Terms and Conditions and the Affiliate Scheme and any other documents referred to therein, which Users acknowledge and expressly declare to know and establish the set of rules underlying the processing of personal data collected by the webook from Users. Users should carefully read the following information, which explains the webook's practices and procedures regarding the treatment of Users' personal data.

For the purposes of Law No. 67/98, of 26 October (“Law on the Protection of Personal Data”), the entity responsible for the processing of personal data is Webook Porto Unipessoal, Lda, a company headquartered at Rua Barão Forrester, 861, 2nd floor, room 5, 4050-274, Porto, Portugal, with the unique registration and legal person number 510883362.

The terms of the Cookie Policy in accordance with the Law in force may be consulted on the respective pages, here e here.

Editorial Status

  • The webook is a daily digital portal in the lifestyle area, which publishes predominantly regional, but also national and international information about eating, drinking, events, leisure, fashion, photography, among others.
  • The webook privileges the news and reports of initiatives, projects, experiences, life stories and spaces that are evidenced by creativity and role in society.
  • The webook is guided by rigor and impartiality and has no ideological, political or economic dependence.
  • The webook offers commercial / promotional spaces that do not interfere with the editorial content inserted in the portal.
  • The webook defines its informational priorities exclusively by criteria of public interest.
  • webook is a registered trademark. Its reproduction and use are prohibited, without authorization from its owner.


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