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  • 24/09/2020 12:03 local time


At the root of Claus Porto are its German founders and a beautiful historic Portuguese city.

From the marriage between these two European identities, a house of fragrances and beauty products was born, which marks its 130th anniversary in 2017.

Each Claus Porto product has a unique history and personality, with images inspired by other labels that transport us to the glamorous European Belle Époque.

Each fragrance is based on ingredients from the exuberant Portuguese flora.

After more than 130 years and different generations, Claus Porto is now present in more than 50 countries. He remained authentic, developed his experience in perfumes and cosmetics, a philosophy of handcrafted manufacturing and a rich portfolio of colorful hand-drawn labels and patterns that give the brand a unique identity. The perfect touch? The passion of those who work at Claus Porto, and who are comfortable to tell, with pride, everything that the Porto brand has achieved, with effort and dedication, until today.

Each Claus Porto product tells a story and has a unique personality, with packaging inspired by labels and objects from other times, which make us travel through smell. The brand's factory remains today in its hometown, Porto, where the soaps are produced using ancient techniques, and individually wrapped by hand.

The Rua das Flores store is much more than a store - it is an experience of the senses. Among Claus Porto's wonderful products (perfumes, soaps, notebooks, creams, candles and more) there is also space for a museum that tells the history of this company, a vertical garden and a barber chair that is not in the store to decorate - on Saturday mornings, men can enjoy this old-fashioned service.


Claus Porto, Rua das Flores, Porto, Portugal


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