World of Wine is about to open in Gaia

Four museums and eight restaurants open, for the first time, their doors to give new life to old cellars now reformulated.
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Several exhibitions and event spaces complete what will be the city's new WOW spot

There are five museums, eight restaurants and cafes, an exhibition space and many spaces for events.

Joining all this is a large square with a clear view over the Douro River and the city of Porto.

Is the new World of Wine (WOW), scheduled to open on Friday, July 31, at 19 pm.

As soon as the sun goes down there will be a video mapping show to mark the event in these old cellars now renovated.

This is the time to see and experience WOW's restaurants and wine bar first hand.

The experiences open the next day, on August 1, starting at 10am.

The objective is to reinforce the cultural and museological offer, providing more good reasons to live the city. In addition, with the experiences we intend to highlight the potential of the region in the areas in which it specializes: in wine and cork, in the textile industry and in fashion. There is a huge know-how that we must value », explains Adrian Bridge.

We are going to open in a phased manner and we count on everyone's visit, with the certainty that we are prepared to receive everyone safely ”, underlines the executive director of WOW.

WOW is located in the heart of the historic district of Vila Nova de Gaia, between the river and the hotel The Yeatman.

There are several entries in the Rua do Choupelo and another on Rua Cândido dos Reis.

Gastronomic offer for all tastes

It is already on the 31st that people from Porto and all those heading north can try the new bars and restaurants in the city.

1828 - The 1828 restaurant marks the beginning of the Portuguese Civil War and is a tribute to the adversities overcome by the people of Porto. The strength of winning and innovating inspire each dish. On the menu, fine cuisine combines with contemporary.

Angel's Share - The menu has about 50 references of wine to drink by the bottle or by the glass. The covered terrace overlooks the incredible view. It is the perfect place to apply the knowledge acquired in the Wine Experience.

Root & Vine - Vegetarian where the excellence of the ingredients is privileged, which results in a tasty palette of colors and flavors.

The Golden Catch - Taking advantage of the huge Portuguese coast, The Golden Catch is a fish restaurant that combines the treasures of the sea and the land in dishes full of flavor.

VP - Here the flavors are genuinely Portuguese and the dishes promise to comfort the stomach. In addition to the large indoor room, the VP offers an outdoor terrace with a privileged view.

Sigh - It's a cafe and a dessert house. You will be able to choose between traditional Portuguese sweets and the eccentricity of French pastries.

Twenty Twenty Coffee - Here it is done, here it is proved. Here are available the best chocolate-based products produced at The Chocolate Story factory.

The first museums open on August 1:

Wine Experience - Place to demystify wine. For that, it will be possible to know more about its main agents - the soil, the climate, the grapes, but also about all the processes that interfere in the quality of the wine until it reaches the glass. What styles of wine are there, what differentiates them, how to taste and how to appreciate?

Porto Region Across The Ages - Know the times and setbacks, the conquests and wars in Porto. Understand the character of Invicta and its people: a concentrate of vigor and energy, of affability and ease. Rediscover history, deepen your knowledge and fall even more in love with this city.

The Chocolate Story - This is a delicious journey, across the globe and in time, from the cocoa plant to chocolate. Get to know the history, watch the transformation process - in a real chocolate factory - and, finally, indulge yourself in the Vinte Vinte Café.

The Bridge Collection - It is a private collection of undoubted value and of world interest. There are more than 1500 glasses and cups that tell the story of Humanity through the ritual of drinking. Each copy tells a story and it will be possible to go back to 7000 BC.

The remaining experiences, the Planet Cork and Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum, the School of Wine and other dining spaces will open in stages in the coming months.

Access to the block is completely free.

To purchase tickets for the Experiences, simply access the online ticket office at or go to the ticket offices directly on site.

There are prices for individual visits, experience packages, family, group or school visits.

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