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Day: 23 June, 2020

Jun 23
Banco Alimentar do Porto holds “Party of Sharing” throughout the district

The Food Bank Against Hunger in Porto will carry out the "Festa da…

Jun 23
Urban art in Matosinhos gains international prominence

MatosinhosHabit with Mural (iz) art project featured on the European housing platform…

Jun 23
The rules for São João 2020 night in Porto

The official program for the São João festivities in Porto had already been canceled in…

Jun 23
Porto students up to 18 years old will have free transportation

Porto municipality will have free transport ticket for young people up to 18 years

Jun 23
Continental Corrida de S. john ran in the virtual world

The event has two strands, the 15 km run and the 7 km walk.