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Day: 17 June, 2020

Jun 17
The Yeatman celebrates St. John at the table

The Yeatman has created two exclusive menus to mark the date, with total comfort and…

Jun 17
Porto Metro quick guide

O webook Porto created a quick guide to help you use Metro do Porto.

Jun 17
Corrida de S. João debuts in digital format and runs for solidarity

Registration fee reverts in full to the Legion of Good Will

Jun 17
Music is back on Coliseu Porto Ageas and with free access

The return to Coliseu Porto Ageas is celebrated with free admission concert

Jun 17
São João at VINUM with tradition and security

In addition to the moments reserved at the table, live music and an unmistakable view are added…

Jun 17
There is a new air route connecting Porto to the South of France

Connection to Paris will also be reinforced with 2 daily flights