Lello bookshop opens doors with free access

Visits Accompanied from 11 am to 19 pm, every 45 minutes, from Wednesday to Sunday, starting on May 30: With a capacity of 10 people, divided into two groups, registration from week to week.
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Livraria Lello opens its doors on Saturday, the 30th, with São João dos Livros: free access in the month of the city

Even before being recommended by the Municipality or the Government, Livraria Lello had abdicated from having its doors open to readers who, for 114 years, have been looking for it continuously, and who have remained open during three national revolutions (Establishment of the Republic, Sidonist Revolution and Installation of the New State and Democratic Revolution of April), two World Wars, a Colonial War and the April Revolution, which founded us as a democracy that proved to be so, even in a State of Emergency.

A Lello was the first bookstore to open a wicket for the city, Drive-Thru da Lello Bookstore, having received, even in times of pandemic, hundreds of readers daily, with a total of more than 10.000 books offered, all of them edited by Livraria Lello, and all of them, still, powerful metaphors of the times we live in, such as the war manual “A Art of War ”, by Sun Tzu; fables for all ages like “Peter Pan”, by JM Barrie; classics of modern literature like Herman Melville's “Moby-Dick”; or even all the poetry of the “Poetic Anthology” of the poet with several poets inside, Pessoa.

Celebrating Saint John the whole month

Like the city, Livraria Lello also clenched and clenched its teeth and made its closure a harbinger of its reopening. If you previously offered and did not sell the books you edit, now, from May 30 and throughout the month that celebrates Porto, the month of June, opens its doors to the city with free entry, personalized guided tours and limited capacity to strict compliance with all health safety standards recommended by the General Directorate of Health.

In June there is no São João on the streets, but there are, since the end of the week that anticipates the celebration of the children's day, São João every day at Livraria Lello, making books a collective celebration of the city and of Porto people of all ages. The books, through their lyrics and the ideas and stories they tell us, give us that “hello, how nice to see you well” with that heartfelt smile with which even the whole of Porto takes to the streets on your night.

Lasting as long as São João's long night, the São João dos Livros will last 8h, but during the day, from 11am to 19pm. Every 45 minutes a bookseller from Livraria Lello will speak as they only know about our Bookstore and our books, with all the memories of our 45 years and always with all the eternal and irrevocable illusion of literature. These totally free and personalized visits will be organized, for each booking, in groups of 114 people divided into two groups, so everyone can mark their return to Livraria Lello here: https://www.livrarialello.pt/pt-pt/reabertura-ao- publico-a-trinta-de-maio.

Os detalhes

Present in this publication

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