Serralves presents the Serralves Online Experience

SOLE allows access to exhibitions, films, music, books, educational programs, natural walks, learning experiences.
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Inspired by the work that Serralves develops with artists, gardeners, educators and dreamers, SERRALVES ONLINE EXPERIENCE is an institution without walls, which reminds us that more than a Museum, a Park, a House and a Casa do Cinema, Serralves is an idea and a community.

For this reason, #SERRALVESONLINEEXPERIENCE takes Serralves to everyone's home to remember that today, the space between us is what unites us most.

Serralves lives by creating multiple relationships with works of art, nature, artists, architects, biologists, students, educators, partners, founders and, of course, the public.

These relationships are the foundation and raison d'être of the Foundation. I wouldn't exist without them.

In Serralves, there are many spaces for sharing and enjoying cultural and natural experiences that allow you to live contemporary art or author cinema, but also to follow the biological cycles and the diversity of species and landscapes that make up its natural matrix.

The health crisis caused by Covid-19 came to challenge these relationships, these experiences, and everything we know about human experiences. As we limit contacts and increase the distance between us, we risk getting away from everything that holds us together and that constitutes humanity: the arts, learning, the exchange of ideas, contemplation, respect for nature, commitments to the visual and the intellectual ...


During this period of isolation, SOLE (Serralves On Line Experience) will guarantee the space and time for sharing artistic, environmental and educational experiences.

SOLE allows access to exhibitions, films, music, books, educational programs, natural walks, learning experiences.

Access to #SERRALVESONLINEEXPERIENCE it is done through the website and facebook, instagram and youtube.


o #SERRALVESEMPAPEL It is an invitation to Instagram followers to share Serralves illustrations. Link

o #GALLERYVIRTUAL Where you can watch videos of the exhibitions and guided visits, and discover the spaces of the Serralves Foundation through Google Arts & Culture. Link

o #POSTALDESERRALVES A Serralves view will be shared daily, created by one of Serralves' followers on Instagram. link


o # SERRALVESACCESSIBLE The Serralves Foundation, its history and spaces explained in videos in Portuguese sign language, also subtitled. link

o #EMDIRETO Serralves will be chatting with several guests, experts in different areas of thought, art and science, live on Instagram.

o #PALAVRADEARTISTA Every day, Serralves begins the morning by presenting a quote from an artist who is part of his Collection, to inspire, reflect or make known. link

o #CLICARTE Highlight for works from the Serralves Collection, composed of more than 4.000 works, all just a click away. link

o #ARCHIVEONLINE Sharing information about projects from the archives deposited in Serralves, namely Álvaro Siza and Carlos Alberto Cabral, among others. link

o #OUVIDODEARTISTA Lists of songs created by artists, inspired by their work, or related to the various themes worked by Serralves. link


o #DOTRYITATHOME An exhibition created especially for home, with works that include all the instructions of the artist to "do it yourself".

o # ELECTRIC2020 Online excerpts from the various works of virtual reality, by different artists, belonging to the Electric exhibition. link

o #FORADEPORTAS It shares Serralves' many achievements abroad, at home and abroad, in partnership with several municipalities and institutions. Link


o # ESPÉCIEDESERRALVES A species of flora or fauna from the 18 hectares of Serralves Park is selected daily, and is shared with the Serralves community. Link

o # RAIZDAQUESTÃO É a virtual space through which visitors can send all doubts about the native and exotic flora of their daily lives.

o #PARQUEVIVO The Park is presented in images, inviting the exploration of photos, as well as videos and texts from the mini site “A Flora do Parque” or the app + Parque. Link


o #UMDIAUMFILME It is a way of getting to know Manoel de Oliveira's entire filmography. A film is shown each day. The story of a work that merges with the history of cinema. Link

o #CASADOCINEMA Videos that allow you to visit the spaces and exhibitions of Casa do Cinema, interviews with artists and information about Manoel de Oliveira. Link


o #STREAMINGTALKS In time to stop and reflect, Serralves makes available the videos of several conferences and conversations that took place in his auditorium. Link


o #EMPALCO It is the way to enter a privileged stage, watching videos of shows and performances that took place in Serralves.Link


o #APRENDEREMCASA With families in mind, it is a space for sharing arts and environment activities, videos of short explanatory sessions, games, coloring pages, and much more. Link

o #SERRALVESENSINA Serralves employees share their knowledge on different topics, from contemporary art to biology, architecture or cinema.


o #NATURENESS To explore the Park, consult the instructions, and guess the species in the shared images, in games designed for the whole family. Link

o #ARTEEMLOJA The Serralves store is available for online shopping, with many products related to art, design, nature, cinema and reflection! Link

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