FC Porto Museum reinvents itself in virtual space

Five years of giving lyrics to music caught in the Museum's networks
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On Instagram and Facebook, the path to the fifth anniversary of these nights of conversation, songs and humor begins with Blind Zero in the first session of the event.

The fifth anniversary of Give Lyrics to Music (DLAM) next October, but this festive moment already inspires the FC Porto Museum to share, through publications on the social networks Instagram and Facebook, many and excellent memories of an event that is a reference of the cultural entertainment nights of Porto. Songs, stories, humor and guest artists that repeatedly fill the Fernando Sardoeira Pinto Auditorium, could come together in a global look at the 43 sessions that have already elapsed, but the best way to appreciate this collection it's really a band at a time…

So, to begin with, the Museum went to the archives of the DLAM and selected a video about the first night of this event. Blind Zero were the guests and felt at home in the evening of October 1, 2015, going through the band's stories and songs, among other forays into the past, some painted in blue and white. The debut session filled the house and was the motto for all those who succeeded him, marked by success.

In a retrospective walk, the 5 years of Dar Letra à Música will be revisited in this way, but other very original publications are also planned, directed to the memory and future of this talk show of reference that the FC Porto Museum organizes in partnership with the Associação Sótão Paralelo ('Tell me stories').

This collaboration has already brought more than 40 artists to the stage of the Museum, including solo names and bands, all of whom need no introduction and so many of them with a throne in the history of Portuguese music.

A Blind Zero, Carlos Tê with Rui Vilhena, Mind da Gap, Clan, Jimmy P, Luís Represas, Radio Voices, Moonspell, André Sardet, Samuel Úria, Capicua, Trade Workers, Mafalda Veiga, Os Azeitonas, Simone de Oliveira, Miguel Araújo, Aldina Duarte, Diogo Piçarra, David Fonseca, Três Tristes Tigres, Marta Ren, Mundo Segundo, Maria João & Budda Guedes, The Black Mamba, Jafumega, Jorge Palma, Kalú + Fred & Friends, Marante with Tiago Nacarato, Manel Cruz, Mafalda Arnauth, Dealema, Best Youth, Rita Redshoes, Frankie Chavez, Sérgio Godinho, Márcia, Fernando Daniel, João Só, João Gil, Toy, Janeiro, Miguel Angelo was going to join, in March this year, the young Barbara Tinoco, but the 43rd session of the DLAM had to be canceled, and is awaiting rescheduling, under the fight against Covid-19.

When normality regains its presence in the lives of all of us, Dar Letra à Música will return to the Museum's auditorium with the usual pair of presenters and provocateurs and the “attendants in the audience ready to slaughter them” - just as it always reassures the fun. voice off that is heard at the beginning of each session.

Until then, staying at home, in the company of the FC Porto Museum and celebrating the walk for the 5 years of DLAM is a sure decision.

Giving Lyrics to Music: FC Porto Museum reinvents itself in virtual space

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