Batmobile present at Comic Con Portugal this year

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One of the greatest weapons in the arsenal of the superhero Batman, Batmobile, will be at Comic Con Portugal 2017 in its real and original representation during the 4 days of the event.

The car Batman, known as Batmobile, earned his reputation as a predator on the streets of Gotham City.

Present in the film "Liga da Justiça", already showing in national cinemas, it is powered by an incomparable prototype of technologies of military and civilian performance, this machine was estimated to reach speeds of up to 329 kilometers per hour.

The Batmobile's towering defense capabilities are combined between speed, secret military weapon systems, secrecy and active protection.

The Batmobile features incredible features which can be seen live by all visitors at Comic Con Portugal 2017, such as: a Twin.50 caliber - retractable machine gun on top of the car, a front missile launcher, a Howitzer cannon, rear rocket launchers.

It is 6 meters long and 3 meters wide and weighs 3.85 tons.

The new Batmobile of the “League of Justice”, already on display in the national rooms, will be for the first time in Portugal from 14 to 17 December where visitors to the largest pop culture festival in the country will have the unique experience of discovering Batman’s most iconic prop at Warner Bros. space. Pictures.

More news

Na 4th edition of Comic Con Portugal (which will take place again in Exponor) visitors will have the opportunity to meet, also in the Cinema & TV area, Dominic Purcell, Edward James Olmos Katherine McNamara and Daniela Ruah.

In the area of ​​Comics, we can count on the presence of Brian Michael Bendis, Rafael Albuquerque, Hermann, Mahmud Asrar, Nuno Plati, Nuno Saraiva, Osvaldo Medina, Flipe Melo & Juan Cavia, AlbertoJimenez Albuquerque, David Lafuente, Pepe Larraz and Giogrio Cavazzano. In the literature we will have the presence of Andrjez Sapkowski, Claire North and Inês Botelho.

Youtuber SEA3P0 is one of the guests for the New Media area.

KINPATSU it is the cosplayer & crafter that will be present in the Cosplay area. He won several cosplay contests, including the RAge Expo, where he reached the 1st place in handicrafts for three consecutive years. She is on juries in various cosplay competitions around the world, including: Turkey, Germany and Spain.

In addition to guests, there will also be autographs, photobooths, Q&A panels, brand activations from partners such as FOX, AXN, AMC, SYFY, TVCine & Series, Hollywood Channel, NOS Audiovisuais, Warner Bros. Pictures, Paramount, Sony, 20th Century Fox, Audiovisual Pris, Cinemundo, LEGO and Disney.

Tickets for the second phase of sale for Comic Con Portugal 2017 are available at the usual locations.
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