Restaurants - Discover BH Foz!

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O BH Foz it is a restaurant with a very special history ..

Who does not remember to walk through the mouth and see this building so characteristic waiting to be restored and gain a new life?

Inaugurated in 1946, the BH Foz it was once a service station, a bar, a restaurant and a ballroom. Abandoned for 30 years, it was fully recovered to perform a playful function, organizing events and catering, preserving its identity and authenticity.

Times are different, but there are things that, after being recovered, have remained in space. Endowed with a stunning view over the Foz do Douro, this restaurant and bar, managed to keep the features of the original building.

In addition to its ample space, with rooms for events, bar and restaurant, the BH Foz it also offers an extremely varied menu, from gourmet dishes, such as smoked salmon with fresh cheese, endives and Greek yogurt sauce, to Italian cuisine with its pizzas, pastas and risottos, even sushi…

… Featuring a vast list of Japanese dishes.

Not least, the BH Foz there is also a bar where there are plenty of gin options.

O BH Foz it is characterized by the owners as a space that strives for transversality, with several areas: terrace protected from the wind as it is set back in relation to the building's facade, smoking area, group area, cafeteria area, Bar / Cocktail service etc.

360 square meters of Porto history ..!

The space is also associated with several artists, and in which works available for purchase are displayed.

If you are looking for a restaurant to celebrate your birthday or a space to organize a coporate event .. BH is your option!

History and modernity are combined in this space by the sea, providing all comfort and relaxation, with a unique dynamic in the Foz from the Douro.

What are you waiting for to visit the BH Foz?

Book your table now here!

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