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Ariana Studio is an aesthetic center located at Rua dos Afonsos 42, belongs to the parish of Baguim do Monte, in the municipality of Gondomar, in the Porto District in the north of the country.

A warm and welcoming center, with a modern and harmonious decoration.

Ariana Studio is an aesthetic center with excellent professionals, with personalized attention and services according to the client's needs.

One of the center's most outstanding treatments are manicures and pedicures decorated with glitter and designs, massages for couples with tea, chocolates and fruits, among other services.

The center works with the best brands in the market to obtain results of the highest level, such as: Purple, Kelly, Andrea and innocos.

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Rua dos Afonsos, 42, 4435-610, Baguim do Monte



Permanent hair removal

1 Diode Laser Zone 15min from € 20

45 minute laser hair removal from € 50

Full body diode laser hair removal

Laser waxing

1 Zone 15min from € 15


Complete Hair Removal 45min from € 15

Legs, Fluff and Arms

15min Half Leg Waxing from € 10

30min Armpit Hair Removal from € 5

The armpit hair removal service allows you to have the smooth area for longer as it extracts hair from the root, in addition, when doing it with an aesthetic professional, it avoids ingrown hairs and stains in the region.

Hair removal 15min from € 2.50

Hair Removal

30min eyebrows from € 6

Eyebrow waxing technique with cotton thread that removes hair from the root. Its durability can go from three to four weeks

15min Chin Epilation from € 2.50

Complete Groin Hair Removal 15 free gifts from € 10

Gel Coverage One Nail 15min from € 1.50

Cut and File Nails 15min from € 10


Maintenance Ge Nails l45min from € 15

Reinforcement of natural nails with a layer of ge l30min from € 15

Remove Gel or Acrylic Nails 30min from € 5


1h massage from € 15

Professional therapy to treat pain, stress and muscle contractures using hand pressure and the implementation of appropriate tools for relaxation.

Anti-Cellulite Massage 15min from € 10

Massage focused on specific areas of the body where fat cells cause the formation of cellulite. This technique implements a set of methods that soften and dissolve the adipose tissue of the most altered areas.

1h Candle Massage from € 20

Candle massage is a real wellness ritual, as it is an experience that involves all the senses to lead to a state of general relaxation. In addition to leaving the skin softer than any oil

1 hour Bamboo massage from € 20

It stimulates the subcutaneous tissue in a deep way, eliminating toxins and metabolic coal slags, reactivating the circulation and the presence of oxygen, which takes care of so inestetismism as water retention, smagliatures and cellulite.

1h Relaxation Massage from € 15

Anti-stress massage with relaxing essential oils. Absolutely relaxing movements that rock and soothe the body for immediate well-being, alleviating tension points and restoring balance.

Other services

Basic Pedicure 30min from € 10

Complete Pedicure 45min from € 12

Pedicure and Foot Treatment 1h from € 15

Gel Nail Polish 45min from € 10

45min Full Eyelash Extension Application from € 25

1h Skin Cleaning from € 17

Facial Cleansing with Extraction1hfrom € 25

Maintenance 1h Eyelash Extension from € 15

Retouching Eyelash Extension 15mi from € 52

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